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Buy Poultry Farm Cage Environment System
Cooling pads need to combined with ventilation fans, it is the most efficiency way to reduce the temperature inside the shed.
&#37436;?Imported kraft paper with special honey comb design, increase the chance to seperate water and reduce temperature greatly;
&#37436;?275g/m2 zin rate hot galvanizing treatment bracket can lasting for 15 years;
&#37436;?Evaporative cooling, porify air with no noise;
1. Automatic processing equipment make sure the standard of the equipment, it can make sure the lifespan of the equipment.
2. Our team visiting the customer farm regularly so that we can hear from the customer, improve the technology and solution.
3. Our farm design team can offer a turnkey solution for your poultry farm.
4. Top quality chicken cage processing skill, the cage, and related equipment can be lasting for 15-20 years;
5. We have a domestic customer, our team will visit our domestic market every two weeks, therefore you can video chat with our team if you want to check the farm.
1) Can you send an engineer to install the cage for us?
A: Yes, we can send an engineer to your country to install the cage.
2) What&#37413;&#27290; the minimum quantity you can offer?
A: Our MOQ is 5,000cps chickens.
3) How can I order from you?
A: Please contact us, we will send PI to you so that we can start arranging production for you.
4) Can you offer shed design?
A: Yes, we can offer shed design based on the final solution you choose.
5) How long can your equipment last?
A: The equipment can be lasting for over 15-20 years.
6) How can I get more spare-part?
A: We will load more wearable spare-part to you when loading the equipment. If you need more, we will offer spare-part at the lowest cost.Buy Poultry Farm Cage Environment System

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